Multi Colored Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk

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Multi Colored Motorcycle Helmet MohawkWe have decided to give you a mohawk joke. You are looking at the Multi-colored motorcycle Helmet mohawk, so it is the right thing to do.


An old man shopping at a department store for a gift for his wife was intent on watching a teenage girl who was going through the sale racks. The teenage girl had a Mohawk dyed in various colors: pink, purple, green, and yellow. The old man kept staring at her.


Irritated by his staring, the teenage girl finally broke down and sneered, "What's the matter, old dude? I bet you haven't tried anything wild in your whole life, have you?" The old man did not miss a beat when he replied, "I was drunk one time and was with a Macaw. I was just curious if you were related!"


Other colors (White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Pink and Orange). Mohawk only (the helmet is not included).

  • Designed by Bikers for Bikers
  • Tested to over 200 MPH 
  • Attaches Via Velcro
  • Hair Length: 9cm, 3.5in
  • Front to Back Length: 30.5cm, 12in
  • Padding Thickness: 2.0oz, 57g