1041 Motorcycle Helmet Skull & Crossbones Spike Strip Mohawk

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It goes on easily with a sticky tape on the strip, just simply remove the tape from the strip and it leaves the sticky area to easily stick on to your helmet. Spike Strip Helmets. Spike Strip Motorcycle Helmets. This helmet contains a Skull & Crossbones on the ends with 5/8 chrome spikes on the helmet. This is not a plastic spike like most of the other companies sell. The spike strip is made of aluminum and fits sturdy on the helmet. The Chrome on this helmet spike strip is real chrome. Stand Out in the crowd and Show your Attitude with a HELMET SPIKE or HELMET STUD KIT. Chrome spikes, studs, or blades are riveted to a strip of weatherproof simulated leather which adheres with provided black high bond industrial grade two sided tape. Fits extra large beanie helmets or can be cut shorter for smaller helmets. All strips are 16 inches long. (Style being sold is pictured above)

Skull & Crossbones strip with 5/8 inch Spikes

Item # 1041

  • 16 inches long
  • Item #1041
  • Tested To 200mph
  • Peel & apply application
  • High wind resistance