DOT Full Face Graphic RZ80 Black Motorcycle Helmet

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full face motorcycle helmetSure, New Year's resolutions are great. A grand plan to lose weight, save money, maybe even reconnect with friends or family. But the thing with resolutions is that they're always broken, and then you've got the guilt to deal with. So now that we're  into Oh-Ten, it's about time we give in to our grandest desires and live a little. 

            Last year was all about Old Man Recession and saving money, so shouldn't you now be able to spend some of that cash under the mattress? Yes! Indulge in the finest of motorcycle helmets with a lavish DOT Full Face 80 Black G Motorcycle Helmet.

            This Full Face Black Graphic Motorcycle Helmet will help keep you safe and alive longer so you can spend more money and enjoy more of this wonderful new decade.  Maybe it will be a "Decade of Decadence".  I'm sure you would hate to miss that, and this 2012 injection molded polycarbonare shell can make you sure you do not.

Available in all sizes XS-XXL.

  • padded neck roll and chin strap
  • injection molded eyeport
  • bottom edge trim
  • replaceable brushed nylon interior
  • silicon coated face shield
  • injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • forehead and chin vents
  • DOT approved
  • UV Lacquer Finish
  • 3.49 lbs
  • Certification: DOT
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 1583g, 3.49lbs
  • Padding Thickness: 2.54cm, 1in 

    Extra Shields Available