Zan Headgear Helmet Liner, Detachable White Beard



What happens when you have a successful product?  Someone comes along and knocks you off.  That is what happened to our good friends and Beardski with this nice Zan Headgear Biker Beard.  

Zan took it a bit further and made their biker beard detachable so you can lose it. 

A soft helmet liner with 6 panels and flat seams, the ZANheadgear Helmet Liner WHLB114 is designed to be extremely comfortable for all day wear. A faux furimage beard is attached to the ZANheadgear Helmet Liner with an elastic hoop and buttons so you can remove if you prefer to ride without the beard.


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Warranty Information

  • Adjustable attachment flaps make it one size fits all
  • Made with thermal fleece neck & vented neoprene mouth and chin 
  • Water resistant
  • Washable and non-flammable
  • Lined with high quality silk backing for quality construction
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