White Motorcycle Helmet Bow

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Sure, you have seen helmet bows all over Etsy and Ebay....But those bows are made by hand.  Our bows are special because they are all made by a thoughtless machine and not customizable at all by us.  Also, the ones on those other sites are like fifty bucks each; ours are only ten.  Why are ours only ten dollars?  Because the manufacturer made about ten thousand of each color!

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks are so 2010.   White Motorcycle Helmet Bows are so 2015! We just got in these motorcycle helmet bows and you will never ever see one on my helmet.  Why will you never see me with one?  Because I am a dude!  These helmet bows are like Hello Kitty girly.  Here are some facts about them:

Helmet Bows are: - 5.93" Length, 2" Widest Part, 1.5" Center Width
- Interchangeable
- Waterproof
- Made out of acrylic
- Tested on a helmet at speeds up to 130 mph (by some brave chick)
- Applied to a helmet with industrial double sided tape
- Created in a factory that violates every child labor law in the world
- lifetime guarantee

NOTE: Helmets not included.