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"Shifter Skinz"  are for motorcycle riders.  They protect the left shoe or boot from making a black mark.  Sometimes the motorcycle gear shifter even cuts into the footwear within one week of riding ruining the footwear very quickly since one full day of riding a motorcyclist will up shift the gear shifter about 5000 times - the product is great and this is why there are 9 patents on it and over 3 million "Shifter Skinz" sold per year.
                *One size fits all types of footwear.
                *Simply wraps around footwear and securely velcro's on
                *Two thick durable elastic straps fit into or over all types of footwear treads holding the "Shifter Skinz" in place at all times and can be "Walked On".
                *Large 3" Inch non-slip shifter pad for maximum shift coverage and superior gear shifting traction.
                *Quick & easy On / Off industrial strength velcro system design that works like no other without any of the hassles.
                *Shifter Skinz require no need for any cleaning care.
                *Non-slip material incorporated into underlaying side to ensure no movement of "Shifter Skinz" from footwear shift after shift.
                *Shifter Skinz are designed to take the serious shift abuse away from footwear keeping them equally looking good and lasting much longer.

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