Spiked German Motorcycle Helmet

Spiked German Motorcycle Helmet

WARNING! This spike helmet will attract attention from all who see it, not for faint of heart, wearer may be subjected to extreme reactions by other riders.

Spiked German Motorcycle Helmet

IronHorseHelmets.Com Offers German Styled Spiked Novelty Helmets and German Style D.O.T. Approved Helmets.

No, we can not spike a DOT Helmet, we only can spike Novelty Helmets.  YOU can spike a DOT German Helmet if you want, but it will not really be DOT approved anymore.  Sure, it will still have a DOT sticker, but it won't truly be a DOT Helmet.

Feel free to spike a DOT German if you can still sleep with yourself at night.  Personally, such unethical breaking of a DOT Law would keep me up at night.
24th Jul 2019

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