Military Discount?

Military Discount?

We get asked about military discounts almost everyday.  We kind of offer one now, but it is not just for our military.

Where should we draw the line?  England has a military and we do lots business in England, should we offer them a discount?  How about North Korea?  They have a Military, should we offer them a discount?  Their military keeps our military employed.

So here's the deal.  Anyone who gets our riddle correct can get the discount.  The answer is  the "The Duality of Man."  You have to figure out the question, Like Jeopardy!  What is ____________!

This is not a hard one, anyone who get's us should understand the answer.  Please don't think your smart and write the answer in our comment section.   We will just delete it, "Yes, I'm talking to you Mike Zana."

Just type in _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _  at checkout (coupon section) and you will see 10% come off the total.

23rd Feb 2019 Dave

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