Badass Motorcycle Helmets

Badass Motorcycle Helmets

Iron Horse Helmets employees will look for any reason to say badass.  We also like the word spatula. We never get a chance to use the word spatula, but we do get to say badass a lot.  Here is an example of how we use the word badass.

Hey Mike,"Did you see that cool full skull novelty motorcycle helmet?  It is badass, I bet you die really fast if you crash in that thing."
Full Skull Novelty Motorcycle Helmet
Full Skull Novelty Motorcycle Helmet
Hey Jake,"Do you know anything about rapid learning? No....Neither does Nora Dunn because she is wearing that badass Chrome Skull Motorcycle helmet."
Chrome Skull Novelty Motorcycle Helmet
Chrome Skull Motorcycle Helmet
Jana,"You don't have a badass, you have a great ass!  Oh, nice Disco Ball Motorcycle Helmet."
Disco Ball Motorcycle Helmet
Disco Ball Motorcycle Helmet
21st Feb 2019 Tom

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