Alien Balaclava

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Now that I've got This Alien Balaclava, I can finally start working on my wolf novel. Right after I do the dishes.

Ah. Alright then, the dishes are done, my hands are good and dry, and a I've got a brand new notebook sitting next to my favorite writing chair. This is it. This is where the magic happens. I'm finally going to put to paper that novel I just know I've got in me. Now then, I'll just put on this Alien Balaclava Well, crud, I left the computer on. I should probably turn that off so I don't get distracted.

There we go. Sure, I spent a little time checking all my Twitter and Facebook, but NOW I'm ready to do some serious writing. After all, who can write a truly organic novel a wolf man killing rock stars during the hair metal scene in Los Angeles circa 1985 on a computer, am I right? It's so cold and unrealistic. And the way the cursor keeps blinking at you again and again and AGAIN while you're trying to craft a plot? Who needs that kind of mockery? Better to do it by hand with a facemask on! That's how Kerouac would've done it if he weren't such a drunk, I bet.

Just look at how gorgeous this mask is!

With it's BLCOOL material which is a unique system to keep you cool and dry despite how hot you get. BLCOOL has 2 layers, the inside layer is a soft loose knit polyester fiber to absorb the sweat and to aid air flow over the skin. The outside layer has vertical slits to act as a siphon for the sweat allowing it to evaporate quickly with the heat of the body. This causes airflow into the fabric so cooling the skin.

In short, BLCOOL acts the same as your skin does; it uses your own sweat to cool you down!

which feels good on your face so that you can write about wolves for a good long HOLY CRAP, would you look at my shoes? I should really get some new laces and fix these up before I get started.

  • Alien Balaclava
  • Nylon
  • Fits snugly under helmets
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • One size fits most
  • Climate Protection
  • Lightweight and form fitting