Fire Balaclava

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fire-bacalava.gifThis Fire Balaclava is great for under the helmet ware and great for a arsonist bank robber! This Fire Balaclava has high detail covering 360 degees of the balaclava.

These are difficult times. Peril looms at every turn.


Superbugs are mutating. Weather is increasingly hostile. Sharks are getting smarter.

This is not an age for weak consumer goods.

Rugged Fire Balaclava are only the tip of a dangerously jagged iceberg. Companies are working on all manner of sturdier products to impart a sense of durability on a nation plagued by wimpiness. Get ready for rugged toasters, rugged soup cans, and rugged paper clips. You can expect champagne flutes designed to withstand land mines. Look forward to toilet paper possessing the hardiness of weather tarps. We're going to be okay, everybody. Or at least our stuff will be.












BLCOOL is a unique system to keep you cool and dry despite how hot you get. BLCOOL has 2 layers, the inside layer is a soft loose knit polyester fiber to absorb the sweat and to aid air flow over the skin. The outside layer has vertical slits to act as a siphon for the sweat allowing it to evaporate quickly with the heat of the body. This causes airflow into the fabric so cooling the skin.

In short, BLCOOL acts the same as your skin does; it uses your own sweat to cool you down!

  • Fire Balaclava
  • Nylon
  • Fits snugly under helmets
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • One size fits most
  • Climate Protection
  • Lightweight and form fitting