Skulls and Roses Socks - Embrace the beauty of contrast!

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Step into the world of dark romance with our Skulls and Roses socks! These captivating socks beautifully blend contrasting elements to create a striking design. Made with high-quality materials, these socks offer comfort and durability for everyday wear. Each pair features a graphic print that intertwines intricate skulls and delicate roses, symbolizing the juxtaposition of life and death, beauty and darkness. Slip on these socks and let your feet become a canvas of edgy and artistic expression. They're a perfect addition to your wardrobe, adding a touch of gothic allure and unique style. These socks also make a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate tattoo-inspired art or have an affinity for the darker side of beauty. So, embrace the allure of contrast and adorn your feet with our Skulls and Roses socks for a truly captivating look.

  • Cushioned footbeds

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Sublimated printed

  • Made in USA

  • Available in all sizes S-L