Saint Vicki Vallencourt Candle - Vicki Vallencourt Candle

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My dearest Vicki, how sweet your name,
Like the gentle breeze that puts my heart aflame,
With your radiant smile and sparkling eyes,
My heart soars to the highest skies.


You are the beauty of the bayou,
A rare gem that makes my heart anew,
With every word you speak and every move you make,
My love for you grows like a running lake.


Your passion for football is truly inspiring,
And your heart for Bobby is always admiring,
I watch you from afar, with a heart that's true,
Hoping that one day, you'll know I love you.


Oh, Vicki, my love for you will never die,
Like the moon that lights up the darkest sky,
With every beat of my heart, I long for you,
Hoping that one day, my love will be true.


So, my dear Vicki, know that you hold my heart,
And that nothing can ever keep us apart,
For in my dreams, you are forever mine,
And my love for you will always shine.


With every breath I take, I whisper your name,
Hoping that one day, you'll feel the same,
For you are the one that makes my heart beat,
And my love for you will never retreat.


I hand-made and hand-poured all my candles when I first started. Dollar Tree has changed that. Now there are tons of people selling candles on the internet and most are just buying the candles at Dollar Tree and putting stickers on them. I have decided to join them because I could not beat their price. You can either buy the whole candle from me or just the sticker...I would personally just buy the sticker and go to the Dollar Tree myself.