Saint Frida Kahlo Candle - Saint Frida Kahlo Prayer Candle

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Are you ready to add some color to your spiritual life? Look no further than the Saint Frida Kahlo Candle! This high-quality candle is like a mini-shrine to the legendary Mexican artist and feminist icon.

Light it up and let the vibrant scent of flowers and paint fill the air. Whether you're admiring Frida's artwork or just praying for some artistic inspiration, this candle is sure to set the mood for a creative experience.

And who better to pray to than the queen of self-portraits herself? With the Saint Frida Kahlo Candle, your prayers for more artistic talent might just be answered (although we can't promise anything).

Made with the finest materials, this candle is sure to light up your life (and your room) with the mesmerizing aura of Frida Kahlo. And who knows, maybe it'll even bring you some fashion inspiration for your next outfit.

So why settle for a boring old saint when you can have one who's both holy and a style icon? Get your hands on the Saint Frida Kahlo Candle today and start praying for the power to express yourself through your art and your wardrobe. Viva la vida!

I hand-made and hand-poured all my candles when I first started. Dollar Tree has changed that. Now there are tons of people selling candles on the internet and most are just buying the candles at Dollar Tree and putting stickers on them. I have decided to join them because I could not beat their price. You can either buy the whole candle from me or just the sticker...I would personally just buy the sticker and go to the Dollar Tree myself.