James McAvoy Wrapping Paper - Christmas Wrapping Paper - James McAvoy Santa Hat Wrap

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Introducing the ultimate gift-wrapping solution for fans of the ridiculously talented and ridiculously good-looking Scottish actor: James McAvoy Wrapping Paper!

Now, you can give your friends and family the gift of gifts – wrapped in the charming embrace of the one and only James McAvoy. This high-quality wrapping paper features a repeating pattern of James' lovely face, ensuring that any present you wrap will be met with gasps of delight even before it's opened.

Say goodbye to boring, run-of-the-mill wrapping paper! Who needs snowflakes or reindeer when you can have James McAvoy smirking at you from beneath the Christmas tree? Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or any gift-giving occasion, this wrapping paper is sure to spark joy and laughter in the hearts of all who behold it.

Each roll of James McAvoy Wrapping Paper measures 30 inches x 10 feet, providing ample coverage for gifts of various shapes and sizes. The high-quality paper ensures a smooth, crisp finish that's easy to fold and manipulate, making your gift-wrapping experience as enjoyable as watching one of James' incredible performances.

Whether you're a die-hard McAvoy fan or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life (like James' perfectly sculpted cheekbones), this wrapping paper is a must-have. Just imagine the look on your recipient's face when they see their gift covered in James McAvoy's charming visage – it's a gift in itself!

So go ahead, wrap your gifts in the warm, attractive embrace of James McAvoy Wrapping Paper. And remember, if your friends seem more excited about the wrapping than the gift inside, don't take it personally – it's hard to compete with James McAvoy!

The width and length above is the size of a roll. The roll will arrive to you rolled (believe it or not, I actually have to say that) in a cardboard box. The sheets will arrive folded in an envelope.  The wrapping paper wil have white edges to protect it during shipping...don't worry, you can cut off the white edges (believe it or not, I actually have to say that as well.)


My premium gift wrapping paper has a smooth surface for crisp and clear ink acceptance, and the better paper thickness reduces tearing for all your gift wrapping needs.

My wrapping paper is 95gsm. GSM is an acronym standing for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. Quite simply, it allows print buyers and print suppliers to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being ordered. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.

Please message me if you would like custom wrapping paper. My premium gift wrapping paper has a smooth surface for crisp and clear ink acceptance, and the better paper thickness reduces tearing for all your gift wrapping needs.

Please note that I occasionally add pictures to my collages.  All my wrapping paper is printed at the time of your order, it is not mass-produced.  The wrapping paper you receive might not look 100% like the wrapping paper on the listing...it will look close, but it might have newer pictures.  This giftwrap is handmade at the time of the purchase.  That means that your sheets might not look 100% like each other...it all depends on how it prints and dries.  I know this is a lot to read, but I am just trying to head off complaints.