Iraq Some Days Are Sunni But Most Are Shi'Ite Shirt

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Add a touch of humor and cultural reference to your wardrobe with this "Iraq: Some Days Are Sunni, But Most Are Shiite" shirt. This playful and witty design acknowledges the complexities of the sectarian divide in Iraq in a lighthearted way. The shirt features a clever wordplay on the Sunni and Shiite denominations, which are prevalent in the region. Made from comfortable and durable materials, this shirt is perfect for casual wear or as a conversation starter. It's an ideal choice for those with an interest in Middle Eastern culture or a sense of humor about geopolitical matters. Available in various sizes, you can find the perfect fit to express your unique style. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a fan of wordplay, or simply looking for a shirt that stands out, this "Iraq: Some Days Are Sunni, But Most Are Shiite" shirt is sure to make a statement.

  • 100% Cotton

  • 6.1 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton

  • Direct to garment printed

  • Generous Fit

  • Available in all sizes XS-XXXL