Evil Eyes Motorcycle Helmet Visors Sticker

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Evil Eyes Motorcycle Helmet Visor Stickers:

- Cover More of the visor than other visor stickers so they look better
- Easy to See out / Hard to See in
- Decorative 
- Tints Visor
- Protects Visor from Damage
- Easy to Apply and Remove
- Fits almost All regular visors
- Rain and Water resistant

Sticker Application

1. Clean and dry the surface of visor or window.
2. Peel back half the backing and align the center of the sticker to the visor.
3. Apply the sticky half to the visor. Slightly stretch from the center and press outwards.
4. Peel off the remaining backing and finish applying the sticker.
5. Use fingers to rub out or a hair dryer to shrink out any air remaining pockets.

Sticker Maintenence:
1. To clean use a damp cloth.
2. To remove it just peel it off.