Blue Paisley NeoDanna

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Snoop, Snoop Doggy Dog? That’s right, we carry this Blue Paisley Neoprene Face Mask for all the members of the Long Beach Crips.

Many Bikers don’t know this, but our man (whom we have never meet or seen) Snoop Doggy Dog was a member of Rollin 20's Crips. But like Snoop says, “blood in blood out.”

Now, over here at Iron Horse Helmets we don’t know much about gangs or gangbanging, but we do have a copy of the Chronic CD so we pretend we know everything about life on the street. When we roll through LA (Lower Alabama) we always wear our Blue Paisley Biker Mask so people down there know that we are representing.

FEATURES: The Blue Paisley Neodanna is a revolutionary item with multiple features. Our 100% cotton bandanna is combined with a neoprene face mask to ensure full coverage of the face and neck, providing a comfortable light-weight fit. The neoprene section covers the cheeks, nose & mouth, while the bandanna is easily adjusted with a Velcro? Ideal for wind and dust protection in both warm and cold weather settings. Blue Paisley Design. U.S.A. Patented

  • 100% cotton bandanna with a neoprene mask
  • Model: WNEO111
  • Velcro closure
  • full covers the cheeks, nose and mouth,
  • U.S.A Patented
  • Climate Protection
  • Vent Holes at Ear and Mouth

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