Indiana Motorcycle Helmet Law

This list of Indiana motorcycle helmet laws is a reference only and you should always refer to the Indiana D.O.T. for current requirements.  Please e-mail us if you believe our Indiana motorcycle helmet law information is out of date or otherwise incorrect.

Indiana has helmet laws that exempt adult riders, riders over the age of majority -- 18 years old and over!

Indiana Motorcycle Helmet Statue: 
Title 9. Motor Vehicles. Article 19. Motor Vehicle Equipment. Chapter 7. Motorcycle Equipment. 9-19-7-1 Minors; protective headgear and face shields. Section 1. : 
"An Individual less than eighteen (18) years of age who is operating or riding on a motorcycle shall do the following:
"(1) Wear protective headgear meeting the minimum standards set by the bureau. 
"(2) Wear protective glasses, goggles, or transparent face shields."

State Funded Rider Education 
Available for all eligible applicants. 
May waive skills test for successful completion of rider ed.

Eye Protection 
Required under age 18.

Daytime Use Of Headlight 
Required by law for vehicles manufactured during or after 1/1/56. 
Modulating headlight permitted.

Passenger Seat 
Required if carrying a passenger.

Passenger Footrests 
Required if carrying a passenger.

Required by law.

65 MPH Speed Limit 
In effect on designated rural interstate highways.