Spiked Gladiator Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

$75.00 - $85.00


He entered 2009 as somewhat of an unknown commodity, a talented but unproven blue-chip Gladiator Motorcycle helmet with seemingly limitless spikes. The Spiked Gladiator Novelty Motorcycle Helmet left it as the world’s premier Novelty Motorcycle Helmet. A lot can change in 12 months.

The Spiked Gladiator Novelty Motorcycle Helmet won novelty helmet of the Year for 2009. It won all four of its fights and punctuated his light-speed run to the top by trouncing all other novelty motorcycle helmets to become World Extreme novelty motorcycle helmet champion at WEC 44 in November. A winner of nine consecutive bouts, he now finds himself firmly entrenched as one of the top pound-for-pound motorcycle helmets in the sport.

“The last year was about the achievement of all my dreams; actually, the achievement of any motorcycle helmet’s dreams,” the Spiked Gladiator Novelty Motorcycle Helmet told ironhorsehelmet.com. “I trained hard for this since the beginning of my career, and winning the belt and fighting a DOT motorcycle helmet was something very special.”

The Spiked Gladiator Novelty Motorcycle Helmet has not forgotten the difficult road he took to the top.

“It was really hard,” he said. “When I first sat on somebody’s head, I was a blue horn and lived in the Iron Horse Helmets warehouse for a long time. Later, I went to live in a small saddle bag, and I had to work hard for a long time, smashing bugs and getting dinged with rocks.”


  • Lightweight, composite fiberglass shell
  • Gladiator styling
  • Quick Release closure
  • One-year warranty
  • Minimal Plush Moisture Absorbent Interior
  • Steel Rivets
  • Gloss Black Finish


This is not a D.O.T. Certified helmet.

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Warranty Information

  • Certification: NOVELTY
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 554g, 1.35bs
  • Side to Side Length: 19cm, 7.9in
  • Front to Back Length: 27cm, 10.6in
  • Padding Thickness: .3cm, .16in
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