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Redefining Music Atom and His Package

Possibly the smallest band on the list, Atom & his Package consists of Adam Goren (Atom) and his package (a Yamaha music sequencer) make funny punk songs utilising many of of the package's hundreds of instruments about the metric system, the lead singer of Judas Priest and what Jewish people do on Christmas. Now moved on to other projects, Atom will remain the person who told the world Anarchy Means That I Litter, The Palestinians Are Not the Same Thing as the Rebel Alliance Jackass, and If You Own The Washington Redskins, You're a ****.
The Debt of the Dead Ghost Mice

With only two members in this folk/punk band their voices and their music can be heard along with such pride. This band is one of the greatest to come out of the scene because of their abrasive acoustic style. The band consists of a male guitarist (I don't know his name) and Hannah who plays the violin. They are successful and very well should be because it's hard to when you have such little to work with. This band is off Plan It X records and they put on a fantastic 
show. Not only is the band one of the leaders of the new genre called folk/punk but I'm sure there is going to be very big things to come from them and it will always be from the heart.
Share What Ya Got Defiance, Ohio

Defiance, Ohio are perhaps one of the most compassionate and energetic leaders of the "folk/punk" movement. Their clever lyrics accompanied by fast, melodic, acoustic guitars make them very enjoyable to listen to. On the DIY label "Plan-it X" this band exhibits so much stage energy and passion when they perform. They have a very bright future ahead with the release of "Share What Ya Got." If you have never checked out this band I strongly recommend it. They are true to what they say and it shows when they sing and play their music. Defiance, Ohio has a very bright future ahead, so lets sit and wait to see what happens.
So My Kids Won't Have To I Farm  
Dead Moon's Calling Mad Sin

German Psychobilly band Mad Sin have been developing their trademark sound since 1987. With their songs rarely dipping below breakneck speed, the distinctive melodic vocals are perfectly complimented by their out-of-control mix of rockabilly and punk. With 8 full lengths under their belt Mad Sin have carved themselves a unique niche in their genre.
In Love With the System Forgotten Rebels

Canadian punk band.
Otis Mojo Nixon

With a name combining voodoo and bad politics, Mojo Nixon is one of the prime exponents of cow-punk playing rocking country tunes with a punk rock ethic. First with Skid Roper and later with his band the Toadliquors Nixon can be relied on to entertain with his unique mix of country beats, stolen Chuck Berry riffs and hilarious lyrics Mojo Nixon has spread his message across the globe. Done Henley must die, Princess Diana was a drunk divorced floozie and Michael J. Fox is the anti-elvis.
Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit Good Riddance

Forming in 1986 as a way for Russ Rankin to vent his political frustration, these vegancore kids rose to punk rock stardom in the early/mid-90's, releasing album after successful album on Fat Wreck Chords. Ambiguously shifting between balls-out hardcore and sing-along pop-punk, Good Riddance never repeats themselves but in one way - they always deliver high-quality punk rock straight from the heart.
Un Merry Melodies Bigwig

Bigwig are an amazing band formed in New Jersey about 1995 and since then they've released 3 awesome albums (like wine) getting better with the time. Their first effort "Unmerry Melodies" is a very consistent release with some highlights out there. Their second work "Stay Asleep" is considered by many their best album because of its variety and of course 
because all the songs are great but then they surprised us even more with An Invitation To Tragedy, another masterpiece with technically better (if possible) guitar riffing, great melodies and 13 close to perfection songs. Having gotten through some line-up changes (something that's been happening through their whole career, only keeping an original member: singer/guitarist Tom Petta) they'll be releasing a new album this year hopefully.
Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts The Adverts

With their raw, enthusiastic immaturity, the Adverts were a bright, though short-lived, light of the punk era, distinguished by the fact that their bassist, Gaye Advert, was one of the first female stars of punk rock. After they (barely) mastered one chord, the Adverts began playing at London's Roxy Club in 1976, where they quickly came to the attention of the Damned's guitarist Brian James. James offered the band an opening spot on the Damned's tour and directed them toward Stiff Records. Stiff released their self-deprecating debut single, "One Chord Wonders," in 1977, when the band could still barely play, but when they released their second single, the disturbingly funny "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," the group rocketed into the U.K. Top 20 in a storm of controversy. The Adverts' first album, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts, fulfilled the single's promise, but the second, 1979's Cast of Thousands, sounded like they poured all of their musical ideas into their first album; the group broke up the following year.
Circle Our Empire 1990 to 1993 Rudiments

Another Asian Man Records band, also from the East Bay, that I like to describe as Fishbone meets Operation Ivy. They are pretty crazy in their songs, and have silly/funny lyrics. Most of their ska can be found on the album Circle Our Empire, but you can also hear some great punk on their album Bitch Bitch Bitch
Clash of the Tartans The Real McKenzies

Formed in 1992 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, The Real McKenzies broke down punk barriers by mixing their fast paced punk with music from their Scottish heritage. They weren't just a punk band with bagpipes, they were a full out Scottish folk punk band. They would play perfect punk with a scottish flare rendenitions of old Scottish classics such as Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland, and Scots Wa'Hae. They also used their own song writing skills and inspirition from old Robbie Burns to make thier own music that could soon enter into Scottish folk tradition. Real McKenzies became famous on Joey Shithead's Sudden Death Records, but have since signed to Fat Wreck for a new record that all who love Scotland will love.
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards

Punk band formed by Rancid's guitarist which is only slightly better then Rancid, which isn't saying much
Dig That Groove Baby Toy Dolls

Long-lived British punk band with zany, witty lyrics, and guitar lines that would make a metalhead blush, you cannot help but love the Toy Dolls. They have put out great album after great album, and have recently done a tour that was dubbed their final tour and released an album titled "Our Last Album?" And if this is the last from this band, it will be a sad day.
Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Cockney Rejects

It was the Cockney Rejects song Oi Oi Oi that gave the genre they belong to its name. They were one of most influential oi bands along with Sham 69 and Cock Sparrer. They played loud, brash, working class music, and had a irrelevent sense of humour. Their first albums were titled, jokingly, Greatest Hits Volume 1, and Volume 2. Then Their third was entitled Greatest Hits Volume 3 (Live and Loud), which was actually recorded in a studio with an audience. The band are legends in their own right and should be reconized by any true Oi fan.
War on 45 D.O.A.

Canadian punk rock legends DOA formed shortly after the punk explosion moved throughout the world. With scenese sprouting up in New York, LA, and other places, it was only a matter of time before Canada had it's own punk scene going. Lead by Joey Shithead, DOA set out to revolutiuonlize the scene in their country and their neighbours south of the border. Shithead was never afriad to express his political opinions, and it landed him in jail once. DOA later went on to colaporate on one of Jello Biafra's first outings after DK, releasing Last Scream of the Missing Neighbours with Jello on vocals instead of Shithead. Shithead took another cue from Jello, and entered himself into politics, running as a canidate in Canadian provincial and civic elections from the Green Party. Shithead has also released his own book, entitled I, Shithead and DOA has recently gotten their own day in their home province of British Coloumbia
Solid Gold Gang of Four

Formed in 1977 by journalist Andy Gill and college students Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham, gang of Four is considered one of the first post-punk bands. In their 1979 debut Entertainment!, gang of Four fused punk fury with funk rythmns and angular guitars.Their next releases Solid Gold abandoned this approach in favor of slower paced almost dub-like songs and the usually political rantings.The last few release by the band were synthesized dribble, and did not sell well. the band split in 1984.
Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun are straight outta DC, four vegan straight-edge guys who enjoy a laugh and have listened to Start Today one too many times. Drawing on influences as diverse as Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds and Gorilla Biscuits, Good Clean Fun know the true meaning of hardcore-punk, singing along and having a good time. They've travelled the world spreading their message of positivity and unity and still retained their sense of humour. How many other vegan bands would ahve a song called "It's Time to Beat the Meat"?
Victim in Pain Agnostic Front

New York Hardcore legends! These guys from New York help pioneer the hardcore-punk scene in New York City, and helped create the NYHC sub-genre. With heavy influences from 77 punk, oi music, and working class lifestyle, Agnostic Front blends hard hitting hardcore with blue collar lyrics that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes hard-hitting in your face music. Roger Miret's voice is unmistakeable in any song. Released a new album not so long ago, where they moved from their hardcore-punk roots to a more metal influenced style, but they still made a golden album.
Red Barked Tree Wire

Wire was one of the most adventurous bands to be birthed by the English punk explosion. Wire's ever changing sound distanced them from the pack of early punk-rock. Wire was also a eccentric live act, often playing songs that weren't even recorded yet, not ones fans were expecting to hear. By the demise of the band, Wire had been a huge influence on post-punk and indie bands well into the next decade.
Die Hards The Casualties

The Casualties formed in 1990, wanting to bring back the spirit of 80s Punk. In the first year the line up changed often. The Casualties stabilized long enough in the fall of 1991 to put together an EP, 40 Ounce Casualty. By next year the band was touring and their hometown NYC fan base kept growing. A second EP, Drinking Is Our Way of Life. The four-track EP was never issued, but later was added into the band's 1999 release, Early Years 1990 – 1995. With the line up still changing the group put together a third EP, ****in' Way of Life, in 1995. By 1996 the band put out its first full-length album, For the Punx. . Since then they have completed “Underground Army" (1998) “Stay Out Of Order" (2000 EP: "Who's In Control?" (2000) "Die Hards" (2001) "On The Front Line" (2004) "En La Linea Del Frente" (2005) The line up today stands as Rick- Bass, Jorge- Vocals, Meggers- Drums, Jake- Guitar
(GI) Germs

Mediocre LA punk band whose lead singer is worshipped by the same morons who worship Sid Vicious, and for similar reasons, for being a dead junkie who was pretty much useless to the music world.
Punks Not Dead The Exploited

Forerunners of the UK82 scene and street punk pioneers, The Exploited were legends to the punk scene. Bred from the oppressive Reagan/Thatcher world era, The Exploited were angry, anti-authority, outspoken punks looking to change something. When everybody thought punk had died after '77, Wattie shouted in his infamous snarl, that Punks Not Dead, and The Exploited proved it. They were fast and hard hitting, their songs could apply to the youth growing up in this era. They were the voice of the common people and the working class youth. Although they no longer play much punk, they still tour, and are still loved by many fans and still gain more and more fans as they age.
The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks Flux of Pink Indians

Forming in the very early 80's after the Epileptics' breakup this group a long with Crass commenced the greatest movement in punk history. It was the anarcho-peace punk mentality. This band were known for their passion and genuity within the scene. They never promoted their records because profit wasn't what it was about to them. This band was very powerful and also not very open-minded as many anarcho bands were. There highlight album "Strive to Survive (Causing 
Least Suffering Possible)" was a huge hit. However they experimented more with their other two full lengthed releases. Through such passion and energy this band were the biggest punks around. They weren't about the money they were about the message and the genuity of punk rock. They disbanded in 1987.
What the Fuck Will Change? A Global Threat

Maine Street punks who share members and a sound with the Unseen. A band who puts out many good records such as Until We Die and What the **** Will Change. A good band, along with The Unseen, to get into street punk with. They are planning a tour after not touring for awhile.
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