• Red Flames Neodanna Front

    Red Flame Neodanna

    Please, someone call the fire department! My NeoDanna has burst into flames! Oh, the humanity! I can’t believe my new NeoDanna is gone! What? Yes, I did say flames. Why? And why aren’t you helping me put it out? What do you mean,...
  • Pink Paisley NeoDanna on a Man...A Man, strange.

    Pink Paisley NeoDanna

    I’ve Been With A Lot Of Different NeoDannas But those other NeoDannas meant nothing to me, Pink Paisley NeoDanna. I knew the moment your neoprene section covered my cheeks, nose & mouth, while your bandanna was easily adjusted with a Velcro...
  • Pink Skull Neodanna Front

    Pink Skull Neodanna

    This Lady Skull NeoDanna is made with Neoprene. Neo, meaning new. Preen, meaning to groom or otherwise prettify. Put these two together, and you’ve got Neoprene, the magic material that makes anything look good. We’re pretty sure that this...
  • Glow in the Dark Vintage Tattoo Neodanna Glow in the Dark Vintage Tattoo Neodanna Glowing

    Glow in the Dark Vintage Tattoo Neodanna

    With all the questionable government useful and appropriate surveillance of internet traffic in the news lately, we've picked an "Glow in the Dark Vintage Tattoo Neodanna" theme for this one. Is our society turning into a...
  • Orange Flames Neodanna Front

    Orange Flames Neodanna

    They say that to keep a relationship working, you must kindle that spark. We can’t help with the Kindle, but here’s a Flame NeoDanna. Just think. Just think! With a slightly better marketing department, the Flame NeoDanna might have been the...
  • Digital ACU NeoDanna on Man

    Digital ACU NeoDanna

    HOST: Welcome to The Answer Is Kim Jong-Il, the only game show in the entire world. Today’s first combatant is Paek Song-Ryol, a street-sweeper from Kaesong Industrial Region who enjoys chess, ideology, and foraging for edible grasses. Comrade...
  • Hot Wheels NeoDanna

    Oh, uh, hey, little guy… bad dream, huh? OK, you can get into bed with me and Mommy. Don’t worry, buddy. It’s OK. You’re here with Mommy and Daddy. Nothing to be afraid of. Everything’s OK. Good thing we’ve got a nice...
  • Reflective Camo Skull Neodanna

    Reflective Camo Skull Neodanna

    When living in the wild, camouflage is a necessary tool.   Some animals camouflage themselves as librarians. Other animals camouflage themselves as automobiles.   Some animals camouflage themselves as refrigerators. Other animals camouflage...
  • Beard Neodanna

    These days, seems like most everyone's growing beards, talking beards, or brushing beer, at least among our beard-happy friends. So, we thought that making a neodanna for people who want beards and can't grow them sounded like a good idea. The Beard...
  • Glow in the Dark Tux Neodanna Glow in the Dark Tux Neodanna Glowing

    Glow in the Dark Tux Neodanna

    4 theories concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart:   1. She crash-landed on a remote island, where she was captured by the Japanese and forced to design this Glow in the Dark Tux Neodanna.   2. Her plane was hijacked by a...
  • Skull & Vine NeoDanna Front

    Skull & Vine NeoDanna

    Kids, I have a wonderful surprise!  Remember how you wanted to go to Disney Land?  Well put that thought away because we can't afford it. But instead, you guys can play this Disney Skull & Vine NeoDanna!  Okay, quit crying like that...
  • Purple Paisley Neodanna

    Purple Paisley Neodanna

    One of the most powerful written documents of all time, the Declaration of Independence underwent countless revisions by Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and other great minds of the Revolution.   The noble American tradition of re-writing remains alive...