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Marine Corps USMC Balaclava

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  • Model: WCB800
  • 100% cotton
  • Fits snugly under helmets
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • One size fits most
  • Climate Protection
  • Lightweight and form fitting
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Product Description

www.ironhorsehelmets.com-0313.jpgNo, I’m not bitter. I just wish you would have told me you were entering our Marine Corp Balaclava in the art contest, that’s all.

Yes, honey, I can see the Marine Corp Balaclava got talent. I did, after all, graduate with a double major in Visual Arts and Art Appreciation, not to mention the decades I’ve been honing my craft as an artist. So, yeah, clearly Marine Corp Balaclava has a lot of color, especially when it comes to things the general, if not slightly uneducated public wants in their homes.

Tone? I’m not using a tone. Am I disappointed that the rules of the contest didn’t strictly disallow masks to participate? A little, sure, but that kind of thing is usually unwritten, but accepted among my fellow human artists. I was under the impression novelties such as marginally-cool Marine Corp Balaclavawouldn't be up for awards. I guess I was wrong.

Yes, dear, I will be sure to hang Mr. Marine Corp Balaclava’s 1st Place certificate in the living room just as soon as I get done lining his litter box with my Honorable Mention. Now can we please chance the subject?

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USMC Marine Corps Balaclava from www.ironhorsehelmets.com
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    USMC Marine Corps Balaclava from www.ironhorsehelmets.com