Full Metal Jacket Novelty Motorcycle Helmet



Full Metal Jacket's Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) baptizes his maggots with names to denote innate characteristics and to mark the recruits' transposition from regular society to a brotherhood that lasts forever. Private Joker's (Matthew Modine) sardonically aloof soldier joins the Marines and, when he is shipped out to Viet Nam, wants "to meet interesting and stimulating people from another culture...and kill them." Gomer Pyle (Vincent D'Onofrio), the good-natured screw-up, cannot help grinning until he meets the drill sergeant. Cowboy (Arliss Howard) is from Texas, while a black member of the platoon at Parris Island is called Private Snowball.

When Joker hooks up with Cowboy's unit in Hue during the Tet Offensive, he meets Eightball ("the nigger behind the trigger"), Crazy Earl, Hand Job, T.H.E. Rock, Lieutenant Touchdown (he played football at Notre Dame), and Animal Mother. The latter immediately confronts Joker: "You're a combat correspondent, did you ever see any combat?" Joker is the quintessential anti-authoritarian who cannot take anything seriously. He wears a peace button but on his helmet he has written "Born to Kill." Animal (Adam Baldwin) is the real killer whose helmet reads "I bought this Full Metal Jacket Motorcycle Helmet from Iron Horse Helmet." He has guts but no ideals.

You can no become a actual character in the movie when you wear this Full Metal Jacket Motorcycle Helmet.


Metal Quick Release Buckle.
4-Ply Fiberglass Shell-Hand Laminated.
Y-Strap Retention System.
Fully Lined Interior.
Steel Rivets.
.223 M16 Full Nickel w/ black link


This is not a D.O.T. Certified helmet.

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