Fang Face Neoprene Face Mask

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fang-face-neoprene-face-maskUnderstatement of the year: the Fang Face Neoprene Face Mask needs braces.

But braces cost on average about $5000 and we are far to cheap to pay for it.  Just do the math, we get Fang Face Neoprene Face Masks in bunches of 100 so the cost would just kill us.  I am sure our cheap boss would never go for it, he wouldent even give me a raise and I have been here forever.


The Fang Face Neoprene Face Mask is pretty cool, he likes to party and scare little kids. He really loves scaring kids that wear braces because he is just a little jealous.  


Made of 70% Neoprene and 30% Polyester.
One size fits most with velcrorized strap closure.
Face measures 8 inches high, 24 inches wide.
Reversible edges for better fit.
Hand washable.
Water, wind resistant material.


  • Water resistant
  • Model: FMA1006
  • Reversible to solid black material
  • Velcro closure
  • Wearable with goggles
  • One size fits most
  • Climate Protection
  • Vent Holes at Ear and Mouth