Dark Rose Neoprene Face Mask



Staying at the trendy Tribeca Grand lent itself to the best fashion watching from models to downtown hipsters. Walking down the sidewalk one day I was caught behind a carefree group of FIT students dressed in every fall trend and evoking a sense of self that I wish everyone could be comfortable with. They had their own personal style that captured the essence of fall without spending a fortune. If you are looking to really get into fashion just walk down the streets of New York and see what the people that inspire trends are wearing.

1. Dark Rose Neoprene Face Masks - Water resistant and Reversible to solid black material.

2. Black Neoprene Face Mask - Althougth I suspect it was really just the Dark Rose Neoprene Face Mask reversed.

3. Biker Jewelry - I am sure they bought it from Iron Horse Helmets in Alabama.

4. Motorcycle Sunglasses - The Colorado design was splended.


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Warranty Information

  • Water resistant
  • Model: SFADRS
  • Reversible to solid black material
  • Velcro closure
  • Wearable with goggles
  • One size fits most
  • Climate Protection
  • Vent Holes at Ear and Mouth
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