Colorado Sunglasses For Bikers - Clear


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zan-colorado-clear-sunglassesDear Colonel Gaddafi-

I sincerely thank you for ordering our new biker sunglasses from Iron Horse Helmets. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we here at Iron Horse Helmets have long memories and 1986 seems like just yesterday to us. We understand that it is very sunny in the African desert country of Libya and our motorcycle sunglasses will really help keep the sun out of your eyes. Sure, we understand that the closed cell foam keeps the sand and wind off your terrorist eyeballs as you ride your camel down the street. 

So, why won't we sell to you? Well Colonel...If you really are a Colonel...You run the county, can't you promote yourself to General already? We want you to go blind. That's right, bombing your crappy tent was not enough for us, we still want our revenge for the crap you pulled back in the day. We don't want you using our smoked, polycarbonate, shatter resistant lenses that provides 100% UV protection; you don't deserve protection. 

We know the frame on these biker shades are matte black. Matte black does not shine, how can our jets find you if you are not sparkling? We are too smart for you Mr. Gaddafi! 

Ronald Reagan Jr. 

PS - UPS would have charged you $249.91 for delivery to Libya. You can probably save some money if you buy them locally. 


Manufacturer Part Number
Warranty Information
<li>Clear polycarbonate lenses<br>
<li>100% UV protection<br>
<li>Closed Cell Foam<br>
<li>Rubber Detail Temple Tips<br>
<li>Shatter resistant lens<br>
<li>Matte black finish </li>