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Classic Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

  • Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet
  • Classic Motorcycle Helmet
  • The guy on the left is in our helmet
  • Classic motorcycle helmet used in Art.  Thanks to Natalie Cross for sending this in!
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  • Classic Novelty Motorcycle Helmet about to go for a ride.
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  • Certification: NOVELTY
  • Model #: 101-010
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 554g, 1.35bs
  • Side to Side Length: 19cm, 7.9in
  • Front to Back Length: 27cm, 10.6in
  • Padding Thickness: .3cm, .16in

Product Description

classic motorcycle helmetSome shoppers buying motorcycle helmets might get sucked into the lights, glitz, and glamour of the Iron Horse Helmets website. Some motorcycle helmet shoppers might spend their time on our website pounding drinks and clicking away page after page.

Not you, though.

While some freeloading helmet-shopping abusers might just do a cursory search for "motorcycle helmets" on Google and buy the first motorcycle helmet they find, you definitely did NOT do that. At all. I don't really even know how I thought of something like that because honestly, it is like the exact opposite of what you are doing.

I mean, you shopped, you clicked and you finally found the coolest novelty motorcycle helmet on the market. This motorcycle helmet is the answer to that never ending question “ What is the smallest motorcycle helmet?” This is it… The classic motorcycle helmet is helmet you see the bad boys wearing. This is the helmet that looks great on you even if you weigh 300 lbs. This is the motorcycle helmet that will also look like a yamaka for your bar mitzvah or for that circumcision.


  • Lightweight, composite fiberglass shell
  • Classic styling
  • Quick Release closure
  • One-year warranty
  • Minimal Plush Moisture Absorbent Interior
  • Steel Rivets
  • Gloss Black Finish


This is not a D.O.T. Certified Motorcycle Helmet.


Product Videos

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Classic Novelty Motorcycle Helmets @ www.ironhorsehelmets.com
  • Classic Novelt...
    Classic Novelty Motorcycle Helmets @ www.ironhorsehelmets.com