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Bunny Rabbit Motorcycle Helmet Cover

  • Easter Motorcycle Helmet
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  • Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover
  • Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover
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  • Rabbit Motorcycle Helmet Cover
  • Rabbit Motorcycle Helmet Cover
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  •  Hand Made
  •  One Size Fits All
  •  283g, 10oz
  • Removable
  • Great for toy runs and charity rides
  • Made in USA

Product Description

Our Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover was custom made for Hugh Hefner. We never sent it to him because he is dead now. Never let them say that we don't have a heart.

This Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover will get you tons of attention and kind of sucks when you ride with it.  The ears are like big sails.

The peripheral vision also sucks. 

This cover is best for a bike night or a parade.  I would not try it on the interstate.

Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover is lightweight, has elastic to hold him snug to your helmet, and is easily put on and taken off in seconds.
Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover will keep your helmet from getting scratched and chipped.
Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover can interfere with the ventilation of your helmet, but he also reduces road noise a bit.
Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover may vary slightly from the photo because they are handmade.
Bunny Motorcycle Helmet Cover is one size fits all.