BoneYard Purple German Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

$50.00 - $60.00


Hey, Jimmy! Come over here and sit with us. We saved you a seat!”

“Thanks, guys. Whew. Boy, Mom went a little overboard when she packed my lunch today, I guess.”

“Really? She didn’t happen to fill your bag with cra…”

“DUDE, SHUT UP! You’ll jinx it!”

”’Jinx it’? What are you talking about? Seriously, you guys act like this every day. It’s freaky.”

“It’s nothin’, Jimmy. Nothin’ at all. We just like to trade lunches with you, that’s all.”

“I don’t get that, either. Most of the time, Mom packs something I can’t even eat. And warehouse loads of it, too.”

“So, uh, what DID your mom put in your lunch today?”

“Well, let’s see. Carrot sticks? Yuck. Tuna salad? Double yuck.”

“What else, Jimmy? What else?”

“Aw, man. A BoneYard Purple German Motorcycle Helmet? For real? I guess Mom wants to make sure my head is safe in case I trip in the hall or something. Ugh. Light, compact and stylish Motorcycle helmets are great and all, but just once I’d like to get a pudding cup or something.”

“I’ll trade you my pudding cup for BoneYard Purple German Novelty Motorcycle Helmet, Jimmy!”


  • Lightweight, composite fiberglass shell
  • German styling
  • Quick Release closure
  • One-year warranty
  • Minimal Plush Moisture Absorbent Interior
  • Steel Rivets
  • Gloss Boneyard Purple Finish


This is not a D.O.T. Certified helmet.

Purple Motorcycle Helmet.

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Warranty Information

  • Certification: NOVELTY
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 624g, 1.6lbs
  • Side to Side Length: 23cm, 9.1in
  • Front to Back Length: 28cm, 11in
  • Padding Thickness: .3cm, .16in
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