Blood Splatter Neoprene Face Mask


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blood-spatter-neoprene-face-mask.gifOur new Blood Splatter Neoprene Face Mask is great for the next Dexter Marathon that you watch.Here is something that we learned from watching Dexter: Blood behaves in much the same way as those spilled water droplets. A low-velocity spatter is usually the result of dripping blood. The force of impact is five feet per second or less, and the size of the droplets is somewhere between four and eight millimeters (0.16 to 0.31 inches). This type of blood spatter often occurs after a victim initially sustains an injury, not during the infliction of the injury itself. For example, if the victim is stabbed and then walks around bleeding, the resulting drops are a type of low-velocity spatters known as passive spatters. Low-velocity spatters can also result from pools of blood around the body of a victim and transfers (impressions left by weapons, or smears and trails left by movement). It can occur with some injuries, such as bleeding sustained from a punch.


Manufacturer Part Number
Warranty Information
<li>Water resistant</li>

<li>Model: WNFM053</li>
<li>Reversible to solid black material</li>
<li>Velcro closure</li>
<li>Wearable with goggles</li>
<li>One size fits most</li>
<li>Climate Protection</li>
<li>Vent Holes at Ear and Mouth</li>