American Flag Black & White Reversed Patches


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100% embroidered reversed American flag patches in black and white.

Reversed American flag patches are intended to be worn on the right shoulder, so as a person moves forward, the blue field of stars maintains the highest or forward most position, or the position of honor.

Size: 3"(7.6cm) x 2"(5.1cm)

Iron Horse Helmets is proud to be your largest retailer of embroidered, iron on, biker related patches and motorcycle patches. We proudly manufacture patriotic American flag patches in various sizes and colors. Iron Horse Helmets brand embroidered patches are embroidered using only the most reliable techniques to ensure the durability and long-lasting life for your biker patches.

Iron Horse Helmets only manufactures U.S. flag patches with heat-activated adhesive backings so you can easily iron on patches to shirts, jackets and more. To sew on patches, all iron on patches have an embroidered border, so it's easy for anyone to sew the patches on and can be done to any and all materials, expecially your motorcycle leather!!

Contact us for information on wholesale patches for your business, or custom embroidered patches for your club or group.

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Warranty Information

  • Made in USA
  • Size: 3"(7.6cm) x 2"(5.1cm)
  • Model #PPA7021
  • Embroidered
  • Iron on or Sew on Application
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