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Flat Black Motorcycle Helmet

  • Flat Black Motorcycle Helmet
  • Black Motorcycle Helmet

Product Description

matte motorcycle helmet

If black is beautiful then flat black is orgasmic. That is right; I typed orgasmic right on this website for the whole world to read. The word orgasmic really sums up this Matte Black DOT Motorcycle Helmet. It's black, it's Matet Black & it's safe. How could you want anything more? It is just perfect and I really get kind of choked up talking about it. The motorcycle helmet visor comes with a cool American Eagle on it...for free. Not like we are even talking about a lot of money, this motorcycle helmet is only $45. Just skip a trip to Starbucks and you can buy it. 

  • Lightweight, composite fiberglass shell
  • Traditional styling
  • D-ring closure
  • One-year warranty
  • Plush Moisture Absorbent Interior
  • Sun visor
  • Matte Black Finish

Motorcycle Helmet Visors are also available for all 100/200 Series Helmets. See the Shorty Shield listing for price information.

Available in all sizes XS-XXL.

Adult Hat Size Inches CM
6-5/8 - 6-3/4
6-7/8 - 7
7-1/8 - 7-1/4
7-3/8 - 7-3/4
7-5/8 - 7-7/8
7-7/8 - 8
20-87 - 21.26 in.
21.27 - 22.05 in.
22.06 - 22.83 in.
22.84 - 23.62 in.
23.63 - 24.41 in.
24.42 - 25.20 in.
55-56 cm
57-58 cm
59-60 cm
61-62 cm
63-64 cm

Product Videos

Flat Black Shorty Motorcycle Helmet (01:38)
Some kid with a big head describing out flat black shorty motorcycle helmet. By www.ironhorsehelmets.com
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